What Are Aged Corporations?

Aged Corporations:

Every business needs cash to compete, to grow, to thrive, this is a fact. According to Forbes magazine, in US alone around 543,000 New businesses start up each month but only a small percentage of those make it. And almost a third are gone in the first two years. What makes the difference between barely surviving and thriving in this competitive environment? And how Aged Corporations can help barely surviving businesses.

The businesses that thrive and have a proper structure that is appealing to lenders so that funding is always at hand. We at NinjaCorporations.com can provide that advantage and help you secure the success you deserve.

10 Facts About New Startup Businesses In USA:

Aged Corporations & New Start-Ups

Why should you buy Aged Corporations? And How do you know if this is right for you.?


Are you a new Startup?
Are you a expanding your existing business, exploring an option for growth, trying to compete with the big guys in your industry without the track record they have?
Do you need funding to grow and compete and thrive successfully?
Do you require a corporate structure to protect your personal assets, for minimizing taxes or to formalize your business?


If your answer to any of these is YES, you are almost there!


In your situation acquiring a credit ready aged corporation is the fastest and most efficient path to achieving significant approvals for unsecured business financing.Also, instantly overcoming the 2-year minimum time in the business requirement that makes it next to impossible for start-up businesses to be approved for any amount of funding.


An aged shelf corporation? What is that, you say?


“Shelf Corporations” also called “Aged Corporations” ,”Aged Companies” , “Aged Corps” ,”Shelf Companies” are legal corporate entities which were incorporated and left on a shelf waiting for a buyer. For two years and much more. 


These aged corporations can be easily purchased and quickly setup and operational, yet they retain their historical formation date which when purchased by a new buyer maintains that old original formation date as the birth date of the business.


These Aged Credit Ready Corporate structures are useful when a business person needs to bid on contracts that require the business be a certain age.And to validate the corporate loan jeopardy in order to quality for most types of corporate credit and financing.
While, any corporation is appropriate for asset protection if done correctly. Our Aged Corporations have been completely dressed with all the needs from the start. You will have credibility, confidence and the ability if you are a foreign entity to operate legally and efficiently in dealings in the US.


Funding Capabilities of Shelf Corporations by Age.


capabillites of aged shelf corporations


Companies from all over the world use this method for expanding their capabilities, their value, and their credit worthiness. Companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Ford and VW all have bought other aged corporations and combined their history to become more capable and more creditworthy.


Now you can duplicate those business strategies by using NinjaCorporations.com for your own benefit.
We have the largest inventory of aged corporations anywhere in the United States. And we are the only ones that sell Aged Corporations that completely credit ready. As you review our extensive inventory you will notice the older and more creditworthy one of our shelf corporation is, the more valuable it is.  Like FineWine, the older the corporation is, the greater its funding capacity, and the more financing you will be able to achieve. 


Take a look at these reasonable estimates on the funding capabilities of our Credit Ready Aged Corporations. This is based on current market conditions, and our recent client experiences and can vary by state. You can see once the corporation is two years old, funding capacities grow quickly. Each corporation has a maximum funding capacity. So, the more money you want, the older the corporation you need to buy. 


Each corporation includes among many other features.:
  • IRS Company Registration
  • DUN & Bradstreet
  • 1st Annual Report
  • Merchant Account Setup
  • 411 Directory Listing
  • Yellow Pages Listing


And much much more.


There are other several optional services available for your Aged Corporation. Each one is intended to help streamline the process even further. Improving credit ratings and acquiring funding faster. Clients can pick and choose from these Add-ons, or simply opt-out with no obligation to buy. More information about each option is revealed as you roll over your mouse on each option. 


So, how do you qualify for one of these aged corporations?


To begin, you will need to get our Free Analysis by clicking on the Free Analysis button on our website. Once we have analyzed your personal credit and your business goals. We will assign a dedicated credit coach, this person knows all of the ins and outs of lenders and creditors.And will provide you an exact plan for getting you to your goals. Even if you are looking for $250,000 or more. 


We will recommend an Aged Shelf Corporation for you, and begin the timeline for securing your financial future according to this timeline. First 2 days, your corporate papers will be delivered to you electronically within 24 hours. The 1st Annual report will be submitted to the secretary of state for your corporation in order to establish officers and address.
If your personal credit meets our requirements we will forward you to our sister company GoUnsecured.com in order to obtain loans and business lines of credit in amounts of $25,000 to $75,000 or more per lender. At the same time, we will have GoUnsecured.com help you to qualify for an unsecured high limit, low-interest rate business credit cards for immediate access to business funding. 


Getting Funds With Aged Corporations


Requirements For Funding Program:


To maximize your benefits from our funding program. Your personal credit should be as close as possible to the following guidelines:
3 plus years of clean credit history with no derogatory items.
3 or more open revolving credit accounts
30% or lower revolving debt ratio
700+ Credit Scores, ideally 720+
No more than 6 inquiries per credit bureau in the last 60 days

So what if you don’t fit these criteria? Don’t Worry!


We have sister companies who specialize in solving each of these credit problems so that you can get the funding you need. NinjaTradelines.com provides you seasoned tradelines which dramatically increases your credit scores by as much as 130 points or more, and lowers your debt ratio within as little as 3 weeks. NinjaTradelines also increases the age of your credit history, increases your average revolving credit limit and increase the number of open revolving accounts. All improving your credit score fast !


NinjaInquiryRemoval.com can completely get rid of all your derogatory items on your credit report in as little as two to three weeks. Through its proprietary credit sweep process. Eliminate troublesome credit reports by challenging them in a proprietary and very effective way that ensures your credit score will increase.
Do you have too many inquiries from the credit shopping in the past? NinjaInquiryRemoval.com can eliminate those hard inquiries within as little as three weeks. 


We keep our phone and chat lines open 24 hours a day, every day of the year to answer your questions.We offer our clients a risk-free approach for quickly forming a corporate structure that not only organizes your business under the laws of your state.But, also protects your personal assets but provides a clean credit history and credit worthiness. NinjaCorporations.com Fast Corporate Structures that get funded. If you haven’t already, click on our Free Analysis button on our website now. Make your corporate funding dreams come true NOW!
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