Corporate Phone/Fax System Setup w/Auto Attendant ($10/Month Recurring Fee)

Get our Corporate Phone Setup with Fax System

Get our Fully-Featured Corporate Phone Setup with Fax System and Auto-Attendant. All of this can be operated 100% Online. Make calls, send SMS, and send faxes from your computer or SmartPhone. Also, receive calls, SMS, and faxes on your computer, SmartPhone, or any phone you want, anywhere in the world. Get your VoiceMail messages via e-mail. Be notified of Missed Calls automatically via e-mail. Per-Minute Rates are dirt cheap, starting at only $0.05/Minute, and you can purchase Phone Numbers from any City in the USA instantly online for only $5 each. Try that with your Phone Company! Our phone setup also comes with an auto-attendant.

This service is a $10/Month Recurring Fee.





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